CMR - Crypto Morning Report
Crypto Morning Report - What & How            

I. CMR is the must-have risk management tool, when ...

When you are in a hurry pursuing potential ten-baggers, each morning, we scan and present the whole crypto market in a concise way where you can grasp the relative risk of the hot coins very quickly. We achieve this objective by using only handful measurements.


IV. History vs Future. Risk Management Perspective.

Our Risk-tiering can be your first crude crystal-ball-like guide, before sharpening your ten-bagger identification system. Please consider:

**Tier 0: Ranking 1-100 including BTC and ETH. Market cap between 200 mill to 500 billion USD. This is the collection of historical super performers like ten-baggers and thousand-baggers or even higher.

**But, alas, history and future of a typical coin do not match.

Tier I: Ranking 101-500. Fair Risk. Market Cap between 20 million to 200 million USD: They have been performing well historically to get to this point. Looking at the number of interesting daily-Finds, this risk tier is the fertile ground for finding coins that did not finish their ten-bagging rises.

**Tier II: Ranking 501-1000. High Risk. Market cap between 3 million to 20 million USD. Exercise your extreme caution.

**Tier III: Ranking 1001-1500. Very High Risk. Market cap between .5 million to 3 million USD. Risk-averse investors: Stay away.

**Tier IV: Ranking 1501-2000. Highest Risk. Market cap below .5 million USD. Risk-averse investors: Stay away.

**Tier 99: Highest Potentials. But Insufficient History. These constitute the most wild bunch. Of course some has great potential by being in the very first leg of the their planned or predestined rises and falls. Institutional buyers and risk-averse investors: Stay away.